How it Works

Peace of mind knowing you are using best available technology to protect your passengers, employees and the communities you connect

The Bombardier Antimicrobial Surface Treatment Program enhances your existing cleaning and maintenance program. After a thorough clean, program will keep all your high touch, high traffic surfaces clean between cleans. AST permanently bonds to the treated surfaces and then prevents them from contamination.

Preventing contamination between cleans

The Bombardier AST Program keeps surfaces clean between cleans.

The Bombardier AST Program reduces flu’s, other viruses, bacteria and odour causing moulds that are impossible to get at with regular cleaning.

AST is a positively charged polymer that permently bonds to treated surfaces; it get’s into vents and wraps around hidden surfaces where moulds often thrive and contaminate the air.

AST™ is not a cleaner that reduces germs on contact and then keeps the surface clean only until it is touched.  AST™ is an antimicrobial that creates an invisible, eco-friendly shield that reduces microbes that come in contact with it!  AST™ prevents surfaces from being contaminated even after they are touched and remains effective for 12 months.